DANCIN Rules and Regulations
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DANCIN 2004 - Rules & Regulations

The DANCIN Audition Television Show search is open to female and male participants (juniors) 10 years to 16 years (Parental permission to be obtained) (seniors) 17 years to 26 years. Parental/work/school permission to be obtained if under 18 years.

1. A candidate may register for three DANCIN categories maximum.
2. Registrations to be submitted to the Centre Management Office/ Information Desk/PR of the Shopping Centre at which you would like to audition. NB All contestants must ensure that they attend the auditions at the hosting centre.
3. Contestants must arrive at least 1 hour before advertised show.
4. A pre-rehearsed number of your choice on stage - duration 1 min 30 sec.
5. Music must be provided on CD's or cassette tapes only.
6. Music track to be clearly marked on cover and CD.
7. No make up for junior contestants.
8. Dress code must be strictly leotards/tights/bathing costume/gym clothes and/or theatrical costumes.
9. All participants will be required to stay until after auditions have been completed.
10. All participants will be required to perform in a finale opening and closing numbers for televised gala events.
11. Management will supply all specialized costumes for the finale production numbers.
12. All participants will be required to display and wear sponsored clothing, sunglasses, watches etc at all official functions.
13. All finalist bookings for any other events or performances must be booked through the WOW Factor/Factor Alliances events management agency.
14. A separate sole artist management contract with WOW Factor/Factor Alliances events management agency to be entered into for the top 10 finalists.
15. Sponsors may from time to time require entrants to perform photographic shoots or interviews with sponsoring management and or press, TV and radio stations.
16. All participants will only be allowed to perform at regional finals shows if they are able to attend rehearsals on given times and dates to be mutually agreed.
17. Contestants must get parental and school/work consent to travel to the National Finals in Johannesburg.
18. No Rehearsals No Show.
19. Television/Video and Photographic (electronic/printed) footage for publication purposes remain the property of the DANCIN concept and Factor Alliances and/or TV production management. Materials to be used or publicity and advertising campaigns and for any other related marketing purposes.
20. No official statements or announcements or interviews are allowed to be given by participants, to press, radio or TV media unless authorised by the PR management of DANCIN.
21. Parents/guardians indemnify the sponsors and organisers for any cost or damages that may result from activities or claims by third parties that might stem from their children's participation in the DANCIN project.
22. Shopping Centre prizes are at the discretion of the Shopping Centre management only.
23. Organisers accept the contributions from sponsoring companies in good faith and cannot be held responsible for the non-delivery of advertised prizes.
24. Sponsored prizes are neither exchangeable nor redeemable for cash.
25. The judge's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
26. All participating contestants must sign indemnity documents confirming acceptance of rules and regulations.

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For any queries about the DANCIN AUDITIONS, call the DANCIN

24-hour Call Centre (IVR) line on 082-28-000-13.

or e-mail: dancinauditions@hotmail.com

or 24 hour Fax 086-670-9758

or to speak toa consultant call 084-512-5117 

For all other further information:
Eugene du Plessis
Corporate Communications
Factors Alliances
PO Box 136

Cell.          +  27 (0) 83-226-7273
Telephone: + 27(0) 11 679-4513

Email: helloeugene@netactive.co.za

Internet: www.dancin.jislaaik.com

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