DANCIN Categories and Styles
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DANCIN - 2004


SHOW PIECE 1 min 30 sec.
Contestants 9 semi-finalists

Category 1: Tri-Hop
Kwaito - Break dancing - Fusion - Hip-Hop

Category 2: Traditional
African South-African - Mpantsula - National & International Folklore

Category 3: Ballroom Dance
Free Style - Disco - Rave - House

Category 4: Broadway
Tap (Show themes) & Soft-Shoe

Category 5: Ballet
Classical Ballet - Jazz- Modern Dance - Character - Contemporary 

Category 6: Dance Sport
All  Ballroom - incl. Wheelchair (SA Dance)

Category 7: Dance Aerobics
Aerobics - Acrobatics - Open Category - Line Dancing - Freestyle


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Let's talk DANCE


Dancin' proclaimed from our ancestors rituals!

Check out some variants sprung-up from the modern age-

Acid Jazz- Jazz combined with funk, hip-hop and club dance moves.

Afrofusion - a fun on contemporary Western and Africandance styles.

Fusion - A mix of various dance principals and styles, fusion into an eclectic dance style

Hip-Hop with Rap- born in the bronx NY, raised in the streets, a son of the Cape ghetto.

Kwaito - Trrendy township groove, combining elements of hip-hop, rap, jazz, mbaqanga - a true urbun brew dominated by thumping basslines and innovative dance moves.

Salsa - an energetic Spanish rhythm dance that adds zest to life! Originating from Cuba. Playful, seductive and passionate...

Ballroom Dancing - featruting the Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango and the Quickstep. Following a strcit tempo and is great for posture.

Flamenco - Ole flamenco with it's range of up-beat passion and extremes. Spanisgh gypsies adopted this unique dance from the Moors and the Arabs.

Belly Dancing - Flows with snake-like movements, discovering the hidden goddess within. Sensually sway to the exotic sounds of Turkish, Egyptian or Moroccan music.

Techno - anything made from electronics.